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You want to see locked profiles without having to follow anyone back. Instaspy is here to help you get access to them with just a few easy steps. We created software that doesn’t require downloading any content. Our latest Instagram private account viewer will grant to you unlocking and viewing all the profiles you want to see.

Why are some Instagram profiles set to be private?

Although this social network stands for the most popular social app, which provides a lot of possibilities and benefits for their users, some people still choose to lock their profiles. By making that choice they are in a way condemned to a smaller number of followers. The reasons for making Instagram profile private is the fact that someone may misuse their posts and photos. Maybe those people already experienced something they want to avoid in future, but there are also those who think making their profile unavailable for public makes them unique, so in that way they are using this method to achieve intangibility.


You’ve probably found yourself in a situation when you want to have a glance at someone’s photos, but you couldn’t without having to follow them. When you finally decide to do that, it is very common to realize that is not the person you thought it is, or that those photos are not something you would want to see on daily basis, so you would have to unfollow that same person. This situation is quite unfair and unnecessary because they are trying to force you to click on a follow button just to see some photos. InstaSpy Instagram viewing tool will allow you to skip this process and gain access to all those posts and pictures that are set not to be public.

Features of InstaSpy Private Instagram Viewer



You are completely safe when using our viewer to see private profiles on Instagram.


Online Based

Viewing and unlocking private photos doesn’t require downloading any content.



Instaspy app is compatible with all smart devices and available for everybody.


Up to Date

We are regularly updating our app and monitor all the Instagram security changes.



Unlocking private profiles within just a few minutes. Complete the steps and get access.

What makes InstaSpy better than other Instagram profile viewer apps?


Our Instagram profile viewer app does not require installing any software; everything is cloud based.Our encryption and proxy settings protect you so that you can stay undetected by security. The other thing that makes this Instagram viewing app viewer different is the fact that you don’t need to provide your personal information, just enter URL of the account you want to see, complete the human verification process and unlock all the photos targeted user posted on their profile. Completing human verification is crucial for making this app unavailable for bots and bug-free. Stay anonymous and enjoy all these benefits today.

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New Daily Users

Some of Our Users

Recently I realized that my boyfriend had Instagram account that was set to private and locked for me to see. Thanks to your app I confirmed that he was cheating on me for almost six months. Thank you for saving my time and energy with the wrong person.


I work as a photographer, and my friend told me there was one person on Instagram that posted my work as his own, I couldn’t confirm that because I didn’t have access to that account. Now when I saw it with my own eyes, I will sue him for what he did.


My younger sister started hanging out with some very problematic kids; I wanted to know what are they doing together to protect her. I found out she started smoking, and she is only 15. Now I can finally explain to her why she should stop seeing them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Instagram profile get banned for using this app?

Your account is secure with our proxy settings and encryption. We won’t ask you for any personal information, so there is no way for you to get noticed by anyone.

What do I need to download to unlock profiles on Instagram?

You don’t need to download any content or install anything; everything is done online.

How many profiles can I view?

There is no limit on how many profiles you can see. The only thing we would recommend you to do is to delete history after seeing more than 50 accounts. 

Can the targeted user find out I was watching their posts?

When you get access to someone’s profile they won’t be notified that was you; our proxy settings are there for you to stay anonymous.


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