There is a very real possibility that your Instagram account gets slammed with a temporary ban for the reasons that will be totally unknown to you.

As of late 2013, the revamped Instagram has introduced some security mechanisms that will keep spammers from using the social network for their ill intents and purposes.

Because of these protection protocols, plenty of users found their notification of being temporarily banned and were prevented from logging in to their accounts.

And most of the banned users are oblivious as to what caused this inconvenience. Heck, most of them didn’t even get a simple warning beforehand.

How did I get slapped with a temp ban in the first place?

Most of these temporary bans occur when users that have only a few followers start to increase the traffic from their profile.

This can occur because they either wanted to follow too many people or brands in a very short time period and clicked the follow button too often. The bans can also happen because they’ve unfollowed too many pages in a short amount of time.


Yeah, we know that sounds like a silly argument to get slapped with a temp ban yet this is how Instagram treats suspicious activity which is attributed to spamming.

They even include a clause in their terms and conditions which specifically states that they reserve the right to modify or terminate the service without any notice, reason without any liability to their user.

Yeah, they have the right to do this so it is important that you first recognise if your account has been temporarily or permanently banned. This way you will know how to proceed and repair the damage.

I got a temporary ban and I got a notice that says I have to wait for an XX number of hours

This is great news, actually. It means that your service suspension is only valid for a short time and that you will gain access in a matter of hours. In order to prevent getting banned – here are some things you have to pay attention to in order to prevent it from happening again.

First of all, notify Instagram support staff that you are unjustly banned and explain what you did before they took action against your account. Send them a sincere message and tell them it was a mistake or that you are not sure what you did to deserve the temporary ban.


They will review your account activity and clear it and you’ll get it back to it in no time. This is the best way to get your account cleared and get it back in the shortest amount of time possible. Follow these steps to prevent the ban from happening again.

Do not repeat the actions you’ve taken on Instagram on the day before you got banned. Restrain from rushing to follow as many people as you can or quickly unfollowing the pages to clean up your feed.

We know that it’s sometimes best to clean your Instagram feed by unfollowing as many unnecessary pages as you can and this is the main reason so many people get temporarily banned.

After the ban is lifted do not take any action in the next few days besides simple browsing of the content. Some people got banned the second time in a matter of hours after their previous temporary suspension and it was because they went on to use the network as if nothing happened.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to us neither, however, those security measures continue to monitor the activity for a few days after the ban is lifted so restrain from going full ham again.

Resume your everyday activity after a couple of days in the best possible way – by leaving just a few comments and a couple of likes per day or just do anything else you usually do on Instagram although this time – do it to a smaller extent.

This way your activity will be considered as normal and you will be off the hook.

Do not act like a bot. There are plenty of automated scripts or bots that go on random or targeted profiles and spam likes and even comments really fast.

So, don’t open multiple tabs and go on a streak of clicking hearts as this will raise the suspicion of the Instagram anti-spam protocols. The best advice we can give you is to make small pauses between your actions especially when you are on a single page.

If you haven’t done it already make sure to complete your profile page information. Just adding a profile picture and writing a little about yourself for the bio placeholder will do wonders for your credibility.

You do not want to appear like a stalker or an automated bot to the Instagram safety algorithms.


It will be nice if you at least post something too so that there is some sort of activity on your profile. We advise you to keep posting regularly since that is the main purpose of this social network. Instagram is great for content sharing and connecting with other people and brands.

If you just want to use Instagram to view content and see private Instagram profile then there are so many easier ways to do so without getting any sort of a ban in the first place.

Not to mention how you will avoid the hassle of posting meaningless content and pretending to be using the network in the first place.

Either way, by paying attention to these small details you will never again be greeted with the annoying notice that you will have to wait hours in order to get back access to your Instagram page.

Of all things, patience plays the major role in solving this conundrum.

Make sure to contact Instagram and explain the issue and be sincere about it. They will resolve it in a matter of hours and they will get you your page back.

Avoid going on liking rampages and commenting too fast and you will never face restricted access to your Instagram profile page ever again.

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