Having followers is a pretty good way of sharing your creativity and some of those special moments in your life. With hundreds of millions registered users – there are plenty of people who can potentially enjoy to whatever you want to show them. After all, what is the purpose of capturing those special photos of timeless moments if there is no one there to share them with?

Having a feedback from different people can potentially help a person improve and grow in the best possible way. In this digitally connected world, Instagram makes it easier than ever to always have an interaction with people from all over the globe.So, for all of you who want to attract more followers for your page – we have a great guide for you. Read on to find out more.

Interact often with your potential follower base

Chances are that you are already following a certain Instagram page or a profile that has a lot of active followers. This is great as it means that you already have access to a great number of people who can potentially become attracted to your page too. All you need to do is to keep interacting with as many creative and attention grabbing comments. With funny and witty remarks, you will raise the interest of other people and they will surely go and visit your page too.


Sometimes all it takes is a flash of luck that will lead someone to click on your name among the post likes. Most of the other times it will exactly happen because your unique comment left a strong impression on someone. So, they had to see what else is there to be discovered on your profile page. Be yourself and keep frequently visiting high traffic Instagram pages and interact with your comments and you will soon see an increase in your follower base.

Learn from the best pages on site

There are so many profiles with millions of followers that can be a good example of a strong relationship between a profile owner and their followers. Visit these pages and see how their posts and shares gain so much attention. Especially focus on posts that go viral. By studying every element of a popular Instagram share, you can gain insight in how to reproduce the same effect on your page.

Reverse engineer an idea and try to improve it before applying it to your page content. Just make sure not to repeat the winning formula too often. It can become boring and useless after a while. In order to keep attracting new followers in an organic way – you need to keep being innovative. By adding fresh and original content you are more likely to become one of the Instagram stars.


In case that you do not have access to some of those snobby closed pages – there is an easy way that will help you view locked Instagram profile. Now you can unlock their secrets for gaining so much popularity with ease. Use all of the tricks of the trade at your disposal. By learning from the best players in the business you will surely reach their level of success in no time at all. Consider that as a sort of a shortcut towards fame.

Know when to post content

This is a really important bit of advice for anyone who is looking to increase their follower numbers. Sharing your content when no one is around to see it when it goes live has almost no effect at all. Most of the people share interesting content as soon as they see it. As for the posts that are even a couple of hours old – well these are considered as being old news.

People do not find the reason to share them because they think that somebody else has done it already and that they are too late to that party. This is why it is essential to know when to share all of your posts. Just consider how much hope you invest in your content so that it can attract interest and imagination of so many people worldwide. Do not let your creativity go to waste.


Always post around noon and after sunset and keep sharing content every day. Consider that most of your followers are working people.They do not have the time to check what’s happening on the net in the morning hours. Adhering to these time schedules will ensure maximum visibility for your posts.

It will also result in more interaction from your followers. Expect to have most of the likes during the day and more comments in the evening. There are always exceptions to this rule but this should apply to most of the active users on Instagram.

Be smart about using hashtags

You believe that you should not use hashtags at all. Well, that is a big mistake on your part. Hashtags contribute to most of the daily traffic on Instagram. It would not be the world’s largest photo sharing network without hashtags – that’s for sure.
We suggest that you always use at least two hashtags that go along with your posts. Sometimes they can help you create new content by seeing which ones are trending.

They can be good guidelines for your future posts. Remember that by using trending hashtags your posts gain huge visibility on Instagram. That is why you should include them in most of your posts. However, make sure that you do not over do it. Avoid using more than four hashtags per post and you will be fine.


Following these simple guidelines will certainly improve your follower numbers in no time at all. Keep in mind that you need to provide great content that will keep your hard-earned new followers keep coming back for more. Attracting people to your Instagram profile or page is easy. Keeping them there is the important part. Be yourself and be original and you will soon succeed in having a huge following.Go out there and leave a lasting impression on so many people from around the globe.

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