Every new social media feature, demands time to analyze what kind of content your audience best engages with. Many entrepreneurs struggle with how to best use Instagram stories to promote their business.

Even though these posts are impermanent it’s still a content marketing network, therefore, giving your audience what they want should be a priority.

Are you unsure how to use it in a creative way that will interest your followers? Don’t worry, we singled out some techniques to help you focus on providing value to your users. Here are 7 easy steps that will extend your advertising on Instagram.

1. Maintain visibility

“By optimizing for reach, you can show your ads to the maximum number of people in your audience and control how often they see your ads.”, this is how the Instagram Business Team explained the reach objective in a blog post.

Businesses had to change their marketing strategy on this social network when Instagram changed the model of their feed to an algorithmic style. What does that mean?


Well, your feed shows only the posts that algorithm has determined you are most likely to be interested in, so it may also lower your appearances in your followers feed too.

If you post to your Instagram story you will appear at the top of your users feed, and your company will have the opportunity to be spotlighted in this highly visible position.

It’s an engagement strategy to stay top of mind for your followers. This will help you to interact with customers and show your products in action.

2. Share behind the scenes moments

‘’It is a great opportunity for brands to express their product in that native experience.’’, said Rory Hallam, creative operations director at agency ThinkJam, about ads on Instagram stories.

When it comes to marketing you need to stay on top of the trends. Using a combination of videos and features of stories can be a great way to show your audience an exclusive view of your business.

Give them sneak peeks of what’s to come, let them see recent changes to your new site or you can just introduce them to the team in your office.

It’s all about these little moments and showing the public what’s happening behind the curtain. It will give your costumers insights about your company or your brand.

3. Be creative

In order to keep your audience engaged, you’ll want to consistently post appealing content. Instagram story enables you to show off your creative ideas.

These posts can be decorated with drawings, text, and emojis which allows you to make your content more eye-catching. Make some humorous or informative video about your brand or company, or you can make selfie videos to discuss your business.


Engaging with your audience is one of the most important things you can do. Ask for feedback on your products through Instagram DMs.

See how other users are promoting their work without following them. With private Instagram profile viewer, you are able to unlock and view all the profiles you want to see.

4. Demonstrate your product

Instagram Story give you an opportunity to show your products in a different light. Make an exclusive content, let your audience know more about what you do.

Show another side to your brand. Give them a sneak peek of your new offerings, or post a step-by-step guide to help them understand your product even better.

Tease the release of your new product by sharing photos or videos that will create some buzz around it. Also, this is a great way to experiment with the limited-time sale and to push your unique products.

5. Promote events

Instagram Story is a great tool to promote your events. There are plenty of companies, brands, and organizations using this social media platform as part of a larger content creation strategy. If you are hosting a conference or holding a webinar then people need to know about it.


Give snippets from events, share your interesting moments that happen during your planning process, or funny backstage content. It is a brilliant way to drive more viewers and keep the audience interested.

This will give your followers a sense of involvement of how the event actually works. You can add some humorous content in your story, it works great and builds trust with your users.

6. Special promotions

A good way to promote your brand or company is by offering your followers exclusive discount code or a coupon that they can only see if they opened your Instagram Story.

The urge of knowing that the promotion ends in 24 hours creates a buzz around a deal and it will encourage users to buy your product. Use this Instagram tool to distribute your business’s special offers and branding efforts will deliver a better result.

With this kind of exclusivity, they will surely come back to check your Story again for more special promotions. Providing voucher codes solely for your followers will give people reasons to follow you. This is an extraordinary way to increase sales and grow your Instagram page.

7. Hold regular contests

This Insta hit proved that holding a contest over Instagram stories is more successful than on any other social media network. They are being checked regularly and more often by users.

Adding Instagram contest to your social media platform has plenty of benefits such as gaining more followers, increasing your leads or building brand awareness.


Build excitement about your business and run an interesting contest that will engage your customers and grow your followers count. Keep your users looking forward to your new Instagram stories contests and show them that you are agile enough to apply them to your own business.


Instagram Story is an incredible way for growing your business. Now is the time to make your first story and expand your strategy for promoting business. Stay consistent, apply these easy tips and the positive results for your work should be clear in short order!

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