Given its massive user base and daily interest it creates – how can Instagram be useful for anyone looking to expand its business? It can be a powerful tool when used properly for advertising and brand promotion. Read on as we explain on how to harness the full potential of what Instagram can offer for your business growth.

First of all, a simple question – is your business already on Instagram? If yes, then are you using it to promote your products and/or services the right way? If you’re not using Instagram for business purposes, then we have to ask you – What are you waiting for?


The mass audience of today is going away from written media content and embracing visual mediums for quick daily based interaction. Whether it being sending photos instead of texts or simply spending time online browsing visual based content to get informed and entertained.

As a primary visual media based social network this makes Instagram perfect for business marketing. Daily interest is measured in hundreds of millions posted content views and thus the rate of the visit is incredible. You must use this to increase your business growth in the best way possible.

The power of visual content based marketing

Research shows that online users spend around 2 and half minutes per video before their concentration gets distracted with boredom. Shocking, we know. Unlike videos, graphics are more of an instantaneous impression and thus much more effective for showing content.

Image based advertisements get into consumers’ minds instantly and convey the advertisers desired message with maximum effectiveness. As a picture and video sharing – centred social network – Instagram is the number one platform for grabbing target groups attention.


Most of the users with a great number of followers attract their attention with the unique styling of their daily posts. It is important to stand out and make your content unique and attention grabbing.

This is primarily achieved with well-defining your products and services and researching your target groups of consumers. Then you proceed to make the specialised advertising content that will attract interest on Instagram.

Creating a privilege-based access page on Instagram

The best way of grabbing attention on Instagram is by limiting access to your page and content based on you being the one who allows access to the content you share. There is a feature to make your page private and give access only to those you choose. This is a reversed psychology strategy that is very effective.

Many brands use this way of running their Instagram profiles in order to give their followers a feeling of being an “elite” part of the group. This way they feel privileged to have access to the content being presented.

This is a very powerful technique and it would be best to use it to its full potential. You achieve this by planning a good advertisement strategy.

For starters, we suggest you go and see one of the private pages on Instagram in order to get insight on how to those users or companies achieve such mass attention. The best way to access someone’s private page is by using private Instagram viewer.


This handy tool will open up private profiles and show you how their marketing strategy works. It works by displaying all of the private page content and so it presents the most powerful tool anyone up and coming startup business can use. It is easy to manage and use so choose the options that best suit your viewing purposes.

It is completely free so don’t hesitate to use it as often as you can in order to learn your way on Instagram. When you get, full access take notice of the number of posts, the number of shares and likes in order to get to know what type of content creates the best audience response.

Make yourself present on Instagram as much as possible

Once you start posting your content to promote your business or services – there is no stopping or god forbid – slacking. Be active on a daily basis as it will lead to the more positive outcome for your business. Being a frequent poster and constantly interacting with your followers will make you stand out from the crowd.

In the best way, possible. Keep your posts short with a strong punchline. Make them purposeful and make them hit hard. This is the only way of creating lasting impressions and connecting with your target group of customers. Statistically, Instagram has an all-day activity rate of use by its users.

This ensures that no matter when you post – your content gets attention at almost all times of the day. The most effective days for getting you posts noticed are Thursdays. We suggest to make your best posts and share them exclusively on Monday and Sunday.


These are the days when the most traffic is generated and as such present the best possible opportunity to get the most attention in the form of page visits and likes and shares. When posting images and videos make sure to avoid working hours.

Most of your followers are busy during that time and might not be free to visit your page. The best thing is to wait an hour after working hours and then create posts you wish to be seen. This is the most effective manner of getting your content presented to the most of your Instagram followers.

Smart use of hashtags for your advantage

Effective use of hashtags will make sure that your posts get shared worldwide and even become viral if placed properly. Stats show that the users with more than 10 thousand followers that have their posts shared in thousands of times – use more than 10 hashtags per post, on average.

Hashtags are an essential component of every post so make sure to use them in order to get as many likes and comments as possible. Remember that being a social network – news spreads fast on Instagram and you are able to achieve success in a matter of months with a proper marketing strategy.

Focus on your follower’s reactions to your posts and adapt accordingly. Interact as often as you can with them and watch how your success increases over time.

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