Instagram is becoming more and more popular every day with each account registered. Most of the experienced Instagrammers learned the hard way that there are some things that you should avoid doing on Instagram. But what about newcomers?

Should they repeat those mistakes in order to find out for themselves what actions are considered beneficial to their success? Certainly not.

By now, everyone who joins this social network should know what to avoid when posting and interacting with other posts on Instagram. So without further ado, let’s go through some of the things that you should never do on Instagram.

Hate speech and Internet trolling

If you are to be accepted by other Instagrammers, you should play by their rules. This means that no matter what your opinion is on a certain comment on topic you should never say anything negative about it. If a particular person shares their agenda on a certain topic, that is either not supported by facts, or simply inaccurate, people will mostly ignore and avoid it.


Instagram as a social network doesn’t support verbal conflicts nor does it encore users to start one. Internet trolling is another action that will get you a red flag, and possibly add some restrictions to using this social network. There are two scenarios that will happen to anyone who enjoys in putting down others on Instagram.

First is that other Instagrammers will totally ignore their posts, and let the majority show how obvious is that such attempts to interact with others are immature and unnecessary. The other one is that they will get a warning from Instagram, limiting their interaction and possibly banning the account for good.

Peeping Tom’s vile nature

Another thing to avoid doing on Instagram is peeking into private profiles. There is no way of justifying such deeds, no matter what your reasons are. If want to view private Instagram users, their posts and activity, there are other ways than peeking into their accounts. The thing is that those and similar actions aren’t allowed on this and probably every other social network.

And this is only because people that made these social networks, guarantee for the security of private information of their users. But get this, they aren’t allowed only if you get caught. So if you play it smart and use our app to do so, you will never get in a situation where someone is accusing your of breaching security and privacy.

Overposting and overcrowding your news feed

Posting just a couple of photos every week or so won’t get you nowhere in terms of creating a successful Instagram account and becoming accepted by other Instagrammers. But overposting is entirely different thing. No matter how much you desire to become accepted by others or to present your ideas as interesting and worth of interaction, should you post more than few times on a daily basis.


No one want to see only your posts on their news feed. Imagine that every time you open Instagram app you see mostly posts from one particular user. It might not get to your that day, but after a while your will become annoyed by it, right? So think about other Instagram users and your followers, post respectably and you can expect success on Instagram.

Focusing on your progress

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to go through complexity of what is socially acceptable on this particular social platform if not generally in human interaction. Only once you’ve achieved a status of respectable Instagrammer, and proved with your posts that you actually have something to offer to your followers, should you focus on other aspects of elevating your standards to higher levels.

Having a couple of already successful account in your following list is a good way to keep you updated on trending posts. However, over-appreciation of other users work can often represent your as having lack of self-motivation and as Instagrammer that is prone to using plagiarism as a mean to achieving success.

This can get you and your reputation in a tight spot. Considering how much time and effort your need to invest in order to prove differently, it’s best to avoid hitting that like button to many times. There is no harm in liking a couple of inspirational masterpieces, but again, showing too much of appreciation to other user’s work will get your nowhere.

Show interest in interaction on your posts

Now that you have a hefty amount of followers, you can invest your efforts in keeping their attention. Try to think about your follower as potential customers of your work. You’ve got their attention, all your need to do now is to keep them interested in your work, and soon enough you’ll have lucrative business proposals right in front of you.

Try to interact with other user’s comments and positive critics on your work. Validating their praise is important. After all, this is what you’re after, and only by encouraging this type of feedback should you expect best results possible and brighter future in general.


So don’t think about this type of validation as unnecessary or insignificant. They will keep sending you a positive feedback for as long as the quality of your work doesn’t diminish in any way, and you keep the ‘pat on the back’ consistent. There is well known saying that can go with this to further explain the gravity of your actions on an appraisal of others on your work and it goes like this, ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.’

So knowing that everyone needs if not expects something in return for their services, no matter how insignificant they seem, the only reasonable thing that you can do in this case is to validate their praises. So don’t be lazy and think of this as investing in your profile success, and soon enough you’ll be interacting with every user on every comment that you get on you work.

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